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Community Development - Atlanta | Integral

Mixed-Use / Master Development

A core element of Integral's real estate expertise is its ability to devise Master Plans and implement Land Development plans that establish solid foundations for thriving developments.

During the land planning process, the technical principles and artful creativity of Integral determine points of connectively to the surrounding areas, the alteration or addition of natural resource elements, optimum placement and types of housing, the flow of pedestrian and vehicular movement through the development and experiences created along the way. Simultaneously, the plan must seamlessly integrate essential factors such as security measures, parking, stormwater detention, and solid waste management.

Equally important in the land development process is the necessity of place-making with an outcome that's most usable and desirable to the targeted occupants. A process that increases the value and profit margins of all investments in the planned development and the surrounding areas while being financially feasible. Disciplined land development is the bedrock of place-making.

Integral's process considers best design practice, political factors, and needs of a vibrant community. We understand the value drivers that result in significant differences in a planned community's ultimate success and impact.

Early on, Integral successfully displayed its land development expertise within Centennial Place and along the Centennial Olympic Park Drive corridor and, more recently, on the 160-acre Assembly site. Our approach to land planning is another example of Integral's ability to merge mission-driven outcomes with market success.

Master development includes:

  1. Public / Private Financing
  2. Master Governance
  3. Zoning Entitlements
  4. Infrastructure Financial Planning and Implementation
  5. Site Access and Connectivity
  6. Utilities, Public/Private, Wet and Dry
  7. Sustainability/Carbon Footprint
  8. Community Engagement