Our community transformations have successfully produced excellent social, economic and physical environments, while delivering solid returns to our investors and partners.

From The Chairman


Egbert Perry Image For almost 30 years, The Integral Group LLC (“Integral”) has been fortunate to have had a number of outstanding clients and partners that have played key roles in the Company’s growth and development.  Complementing those clients and partners is a team of committed associates that are intensely focused on achieving pre-eminence in the quality of the customer experience that we provide.  We do this by continuously innovating and by creating great urban communities and development projects that offer affordable, workforce and luxury housing options.

Our extensive experience creating master planned, mixed-use and mixed-income communities, multi-family and senior housing residences, and transit-oriented developments provides opportunities that help us bring our vision to life.

The unique path that we have traveled to arrive at this place, at this time, has made us stronger than many of our competitors. We are appreciative of, and grateful for, our good fortune. We recognize that our most critical assets, our human resources, walk in and out of our various offices every day. Thus, we are fiercely committed to investing in helping all of our associates be the best that they can be in all respects. We are certain that those investments will pay untold future dividends for the company in ways that we cannot predict at this time.

In addition to our commitment to providing a high-quality customer experience, we aspire to never lose sight of our obligation to 1) play a meaningful part in making the communities in which we do business better off as a result of our presence and 2) provide solid returns to our shareholders and investors. We accomplish the former by creating and maintaining an organizational culture that puts the need to serve others above all else. We accomplish the latter by remaining true to our mission and adhering to our core values, while delivering services of the highest quality to our clients and customers.

Our desire to be a company that leaves lasting positive impacts in our communities across the nation has helped us to set the stage for better performance in the areas of urban revitalization, infill development, smart growth, and public/private partnerships.  Because of that, I am confident that we have all been a part of laying the foundation for building an enterprise that will be relevant for decades to come.  Accordingly, I want to thank all of you that have had a hand in helping Integral to be the well regarded and forward looking company that it is today.

I welcome the opportunity to continue on more of this journey with you.


Egbert L. J. Perry

To be a premier provider of sustainable real estate, community and infrastructure solutions globally

To create value in cities and (re)build the fabric of communities