With a rich legacy of leadership developing great urban communities, Integral's Commercial Real Estate division is committed to shaping the cities of the future.

Commercial Real Estate


Integral's Commercial Real Estate division seeks to identify, enhance and capture value through the development of class "A" multi-family and mixed-use real estate in high density and ethnically and culturally diverse urban communities.

Integral's urban in-fill focus was driven by the demand for new real estate developments in supply constrained urban markets with strong job growth dynamics and a seemingly insatiable desire for a connected urban lifestyle.  

Large urban markets and sub-markets are typically characterized as having several economic advantages over both smaller metro areas and suburban sub-markets, including:

  • Superior access to highway systems and mass transit;
  • Highly liquid real estate market and valuation premiums;
  • Consistently low housing vacancies;
  • Scarcity of developable land, thereby creating a significant barrier to entry; and
  • More complex and relationship-driven transactions.

With a primary focus on urban living, themes such as cutting-edge design, proximity to transit, access to quality schools, healthcare accessibility, high-energy and culturally active streetscapes, walkability, bikeability and sustainability are critical to the success of Integral's projects.

Integral’s class "A" multi-family brand is entitled EVIVA. It is deeply rooted in high design, sustainability and community vibrancy. The EVIVA brand is true to the authenticity of the neighborhood. EVIVA is the center of and a play on the word REVIVAL. In a single phrase, EVIVA offers new possibilities to experience the energy of the city. It is a highly amenitized celebration of urban living.

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